Monday, March 29, 2010

Team of rabbis visit Guam for Passover 2010


Two rabbis sponsored by the Chabad of Hawaii are going to ensure Jews on Guam don't pass the chance to celebrate Passover in the traditional way.

This year, Guam will be hosting a Passover Seder.

Passover is the time when Jews celebrate their ancestors' miraculous freedom from slavery in Egypt, said Rabbi Levi Groner.

Jews typically gather together with family and friends, and in the course of a celebratory meal called a "seder," eat matzah and drink four cups of wine symbolizing freedom, a press release from Groner stated.

It is a holiday tradition to eat unleavened bread called matzah, just as the ancient Israelites ate matzah while hastily leaving Egypt.

But even for the Jew some thousands of miles away from home, the Seder, one of about 2,000 communal seders around the world being conducted by the Chabad-Lubavitch organization, will be conducted by rabbis Groner and Israel Majeski.

The two are sponsored by Chabad of Hawaii, a branch of the Chabad organization based out of Brooklyn, New York.

"Everyone is welcome to the seder," says Groner, 24, of Melbourne, Australia. "Passover is a time to leave our own little Egypt, too, to tap into our soul, and that's where we're all united."

Majeski, 24, of Brooklyn, will be visiting Guam for a few weeks.

"Besides for Passover items, we're also bringing religious items that Jews on the island can't necessarily get. I'm sure we're also going to be getting a lot of questions, too, but that's what Passover is all about."

The four questions that Majeski was referring to are traditionally asked by the children at the seder, who wonder out loud about the curious customs and traditions Passover holds, the release stated.

"Our goal is to provide a warm, Passover experience for every Jew in Guam," said Majeski. "We're really looking forward to meeting everyone with a smile."

Anyone interested in participating can RSVP or get more information by e-mailing Groner at, or calling 671-838-0914.

The event is tonight at 6:30 at Top of the Mar at Nimitz Hill.

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